Jody Goldberg

I have had the pleasure of knowing Madelyn for more than 45 years, and was delighted when she moved to South Florida, and told me that she was in the real estate field. My husband and I have worked with Madelyn using her resources to find a home. Madelyn has the utmost knowledge of properties in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. She knows about all the communities in detail and is very informative. In other words, she does her homework, and she is extremely familiar with all statistics needed on any property and what is going on in the community. She is extremely thorough from the inception of a real estate closing to the actual closing itself. Her follow-up is excellent and will always keep you apprised of all developments during the total process. She is kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable in her field and a pleasure to work with during the process of looking for a home. Call Madelyn, she will gladly assist you, and you will enjoy working with her.

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